Amir Temur is a great statesman and leader

Spiritual-enlightenment event on “Amir Temur is great statesman and leader” was held at Fergana State University. The event, organized by the regional khokimiyat, the regional department of the Republican Center of Spirituality and Enlightenment, was attended professors, teachers, employees of public education and students.

At the event it was noted that in the process of in-depth study of the national history, special attention is paid to study and explanation of the scale of Amir Temur’s personality, his role in world history, his rich theoretical and practical heritage in the field of statehood.

Spiritual heritage of Sahibkiran, particularly his work “Temur’s Code” is still studied in universities and research centers of many countries with great interest. In Uzbekistan, young people are deeply studying Amir Temur’s great contribution to development of national statehood, culture and world science. Especially his wise saying “Power is in justice” today is one of the main criteria of reforms carried out in Uzbekistan.

Amir Temur’s creative potential, his views on building a strong state, a fair society, preserving peace and tranquility, solidarity, generosity, kindness and mercy, ensuring people’s wellbeing are reflected in reforms implemented during the independence in all spheres of socio-economic life of the country.

Reports on the role and importance of the great statesman in preservation of national identity, activities of Amir Temur in the sphere of formation of national statehood were heard at the event.

The most active students were awarded a collection of books about Amir Temur.

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