Uzbekistan offers all the conditions necessary for the implementation and success of investment and innovation projects.

One factor that ensures the stability of the Uzbek economic growth, the favorable investment climate created during the years of independence. With a wide system of legal guarantees and privileges for foreign investors, we have developed a true system of stimulation of foreign investment.

The measures taken on improving the investment climate have significantly increase the volume of foreign direct investment to the national economy.

– During the years of independence was drawn to the country’s economy more than $ 100 billion of investment, of which $ 27 billion is foreign investment;

– In the first half of 2009 the level of foreign investment increased by 1.4%.

– National legislation on investments guarantees the inviolability and protection of the expropriation of foreign investors to properties, ensure freedom of repatriation of income and return of capital following the investment activity stop ;

– A series of guarantees provided to foreign investors ets on territoure of the republic, including:

– The stability of the legislation for 10 years;

– Foreign investments and other assets of foreign investors can not be nationalized;

– The free transfer of foreign currency money means to the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic without limiation;

– Income from the foreign investor received in Uzbekistan can be reinvested in the territory of the répuiblique or used by other means according to the foreign investor;

– Repayment of foreign investissemnts during the cessation of investissemnt of activity;

– The protection of insurance and guarantees of political risk and other risks.

The Agency also provides Uzinfoinvest effective assistance аuх foreign investors by providing them with all the information needed to start a business in Uzbekistan.