Terms of tour: Private tour
Type of Visa Required documents Price of Visa (note  2)
Visa Private Tour

– Passport (note 1)

– Telex number (Visa link) issued by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of the document “Invitation” issued Minsitère Uzbek Interior in accordance with the request to the citizens of Uzbekistan

– Forms “Visa application

– 1 passport photo color 35×45 mm, pasted on the form.

(Inquiry by e-mail)

1-7 days (one entry): 60 euros

8-15 days (one entry): 70 euros

16-30 days (one entry): 80 euros

2-3 months (one entry): 100 euros

additional entry: 10 euros

(Terms of payment)

Note 1:
The passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the return of Uzbekistan.

Note 2:
Visa free diplomatic passport and go to the UN, as well as for children under the age of 16 years (with the exception of minor USA).
Price is unique to US citizens: 160 euros
Price is unique to Japanese nationals: 20 euros


In some cases, in addition to the above documents, additional information may be requested:

1. for persons in the past citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan and acquired citizenship of a foreign state must submit a certificate from the competent authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, justifying the absense citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

2. For those who were born in Uzbekistan, and who left Uzbekistan prior to the entry into force of the Law “On Citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan” (02.07.1992) and do not have citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan ontent, the certificate must be submitted to the competent authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan as evidence that a person was not registered passport of the Republic of Uzbekistan.