Documents (visa) can be sent to us by mail (with the exception of those living in Paris and its suburbs) at the following address:
Embassy of Uzbekistan in France
22, Rue d’Aguesseau, 75008 Paris

We encourage you to send mail to the Uzbek visa in advance of your trip (at least 30 days before) because an obstacle (holidays, weekends, hit the post office or other) may delay the arrival and return to your document.

For applications by mail from France please contact us at:

– – Envelope “CHRONOPOST” with the address and phone number of the recipient.

He asked to write your address clearly and in capital letters because any inaccuracy can delay the arrival of your mail.
Before sending the envelope to return the document, copy No. CHRONOPOST card with a bar code for you. If you want, you can follow the arrival of your mail without a phone Consular Section of the Embassy (telephone line is busy).

For applications by mail from abroad are asked to contact:
– Envelope “CHRONOPOST INTERNATIONAL” with the address and phone number of the recipient.
For more information, please contact your local post office.
The Embassy does not accept cash or bank transfer to send the document to the recipient.
If the removal of a document from the consular services must be run transport services (DHL, FedEx, TNT and others …), the reservation number above mentioned services, as well as the number of clients to these services should be brought to the attention of the consular department to facilitate the return of the document to the recipient.

Our email address: