Services include 52% of the Uzbek GDP in 2012. Some areas in detail:

Banking and Financial Services

The banking system plays its full role of key player in the business development. There are at present 29 commercial banks in Uzbekistan: 3 state banks, 5 banks with foreign participation, 10 joint-stock banks and 10 banks personal name. Also present are 10 representative offices of foreign banks.

Treasury Creation

The Republic of Uzbekistan has undertaken to open Treasury agencies, which should help to refocus the role of banks as well as to increase their efficiency.
In order to facilitate the liberalization of the banking sector and accelerate reforms in the sector, a presidential decree of 19 December 2006 provides for measures to stimulate the increased level of capitalization of commercial banks.


Currently, the telecommunications market in Uzbekistan is developing. The market is managed by a state entity, the disclosure of Staff Committee, Information and Communications Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which issues licenses to operate in this sector. It should be noted that the market for mobile telephony vibrant today because of the integration of major mobile companies (BEELINE, uCELL …).

Today, the capacity utilization rate telephone stations installed by the local network has reached more than 90%.

The number of mobile phone subscribers to January 1, 2013 is approximately 25 million. The level of coverage of the digital network of cities and regional centers was 100%. There are four mobile operators in Uzbekistan:

Beeline :


Ucell :


Perfectum Mobile :


UzMobile :

According to data from the Committee, the Internet sector development is characterized by the following indicators: the number of Internet users in 2013 was 8.85 million people and, finally, 99.8% of the state agencies have their own website.