Shakhrisabz is part of the “golden ring” of Uzbekistan. Alongside Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva Shakhrisabz, an eternally green city, known in the Middle Ages as the Kech or Naoutaka. Shakhrisabz was the second capital of the great empire of Amir Timur. The palace Ak-Saroy is a witness to the greatness of the past, and has exceptional masterpieces of ornamental mosaic. On the palate the pediment we read the following sentence: “If you doubt our greatness, look at our buildings.”

Kok-Gumbaz Mosque (the blue dome), erected by Ulugh Bek in 1437 in honor of his father and the entire Chokhroukh Dorout-Tillovat (home of meditation) are the most beautiful monuments. To the southwest of the city is the mausoleum Dorus-Saidot (the house of a descendant of the Prophet), now in ruins, but once grand. The set became the family tomb of Timurid where the remains of Djakhongir, son liked Amir Temur. The plane trees, sacred symbol of Shakhrisabz still greening there today.