Raising a Healthy Generation is one of the priorities of the state policy in Uzbekistan. In this context, it pays considerable attention to sports development in Uzbekistan.

During the years of independence, the Uzbek government has taken some series of resolutions aimed at the development of the sports movement through the creation of new associations, the construction of sports facilities. During this period, representatives of Uzbekistan won 731 gold medals, 736 silver and 845 bronze medals at the Olympic Games, the championships of the Asian Cup, Asian Games and other international competitions .

Currently, 32 national sports federations of Uzbekistan are members of international federations which guarantees their right to participate in international competitions of different levels.

The training of physical education and sport specialists is provided for by Uzbekistan National Institute of Physical Culture. Each year it trains about 2,000 students. The University prepares physical education teachers and sports coaches.

Periodically, Uzbekistan hosted the prestigious competitions and tournaments, such as the Asian Boxing Championship, the Asian Championships and Oceania Taekwondo International Tournament Class “A” in freestyle wrestling, of Championship Asian artistic Gymnastics junior and others.

In 1999, Tashkent became the site of the first world championship of the Uzbek national wrestling (Courach) with the participation of athletes from 50 countries. Currently, the International Association of Courach (AIC) works and leads a job for the inclusion of Courach the Olympic Games.

The preparation of the sports reserve is realized through the efforts of 522 youth sports schools, 63 specialized schools of Olympic reserve, 5 schools (colleges) of Olympic reserve, 7 secondary sports schools.

Olympic national teams are formed on the basis of high sports school, where 150 qualified specialists lead about 2000 athletes of the highest caliber. They form the basis of the national teams in 32 kinds of sports. From these schools operate Olympic training centers which train promising and talented athletes.

Physical training has a special place in the life of the country and now includes a wide audience of 6.5 million people make up the basic 145000 teams.

At the same time, it pays special attention to the development of sport for people with disabilities. The expansion of these capabilities is an object of the measures taken not only in the relevant departments and public bodies, as well as the Ministry of Social Affairs of Uzbekistan and the Republican Society of Disabled Persons, the Regional Office of the international Red Cross.

Sports development of children in Uzbekistan

During the years of independence, the sport of children in Uzbekistan, is developed in the context of youth policy and the National Training Program.

Da, s is the country regularly organizes sports competitions, such as “Umid nihollari” (“The seeds of hope”) – among schoolchildren, “Barkamol Avlod” (“Generation seine”) – in high school and students in vocational colleges, as well as “Universiade” – among students in higher education institutions they cover all young people and are an important factor in the healing of the genetic heritage of the nation, of. formation of a strong desire for children, persistence, faith in oneself and many other positive qualities.

The Fund for the development of sport for children, according to the presidential decree in 2002, was an important step towards the development of children’s sport. Since 2004, the Fund is included in the system of the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan. This Fund is seen as an effective mechanism for achieving the goals and objectives in the field of child sport.

The Fund’s primary objectives are: the promotion of public policies for the development of physical education and sport among children, the awakening of sporting interest among the representatives of the younger generation, the youth protection different effects harmful and education in the spirit of patriotism.

In 2009, 174 rooms in various gymnastic schools were built. In fact, since the creation of the Fund for the development of sport for children in 2003 and until the year 2009 in 674 schools were opened gymnastic halls. During the same period, 178 children sports facilities were constructed and began operation.