Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, the largest city in Central Asia, which has suffered so many trials and difficulties throughout its history, which was witnessed great achievements and has always kept its political status , economic and spiritual. Worldwide it is known as “the city of peace”, the “Friendly City”, “City of courage,” “City of Bread”, “city of gardens”, “door the East “. In 2007, she became “the capital of Islamic culture”, which proves that Uzbekistan and its capital are respected and recognized by the international community.

Today Tashkent is a megalopolis with transport infrastructure and well-developed social, with thriving tourism industry, important sectors of the economy, where there are scientific and cultural institution worldwide. The year 2009 was particularly important for Tashkent, because this year the city celebrated its 2200 anniversary. Thanks to the improvements made, the capital is a city in the region.

Travel in Uzbekistan is an adventure full of exciting discoveries, history, culture and the exceptional beauty of nature. Tourists have the opportunity to learn the history not only through the museums, but also directly feel the silent past ancient sites, temples and tombs, visit the archaeological sites, places that are far from the present civilization. So far these sites remained religious shrines as before. You will never forget the great minarets, grandiose madrassahs, mosques, palaces, mausoleums decorated ceramic ornaments, colorful bazaars, thrilling legends, warm hospitality, and indigenous customs.