Transport is of prime importance for international trade, but also inside the country.


Currently, Uzbekistan has a road network of 146,400 km, including 43,500 km of highways of common use and 3 200 km of international routes.

Main railway transport system in Uzbekistan railways are a strategic sector of the national economy and are of primary importance for the transport of goods. The railway network of Uzbekistan has 3 992.6 km of classic lines, 619.9 km of electrified lines, which must be added 1 992.7 kilometers sorting lines and garage and 362.4 km of secondary lines to destination of industrial enterprises.

The Uzbek national railway company “Uzbekistan Temir Yollari” (UTY – Uzbek Railways) was established on 7 November 1994 on the foundations of the old railway lines of Central Asia located on the country’s territory. It currently employs 54,700 workers, engineers and technicians in the areas of transportation, logistics, operation of power lines, repair of rolling stock, training, etc. It has several specialized institutions grouped by branches operating railways and transport services, transport and logistics organization, operation and repair, construction and production, public infrastructure.


The company “Uzbekistan Airways” has a monopoly airline in Uzbekistan and is wholly owned by the State. The company fleet comprises 27 aircraft from abroad: 8 Boeing 767-300, six Boeing 757-200, 10 Airbus A-320 and three RJ-85.

The colors Uzbek modern airliners of national airline transport travelers to 44 destinations and 24 foreign countries from international airports. Among the cities served by the company aircraft: Paris, New York, Frankfurt am Main, London, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Bangkok, Delhi … and almost 30 cities of the CIS.

In spring 2009, the Uzbek national company started operation of cargo planes А300-600F acquired from Korean Air in accordance with previously signed agreement.

In early 2008, O’zbekiston havo yo’llari decided to join the SkyTeam global airline alliance. Now the national company fulfills certain formalities for passengers of the company to enjoy even more benefits; and especially for those who travel a lot, to have access to many special services within the broader SkyTeam network.