Access to the Uzbek territory is subject to possession of a visa.
To get it, you must go to the consular service of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Paris. It is recommended to check the validity period of the visa and do not exceed it, on pain of being fined for the regularization of stay.

In a passage in a neighboring country and then return to Uzbekistan must obtain the necessary number of inputs.
People considering a trip to Uzbekistan including a passage in a neighboring country and then return to Uzbekistan are invited to check their Uzbek visa before departure. They should especially take care to have the necessary number of inputs. The endorsement must include an entry for each border crossing towards Uzbekistan.

Registration required for stays over 72 hours.
For stays longer than 72 hours, you have to register with OVIR, body under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan. Registration is done by either inviting or, during a stay in a hotel, by the administration of the institution. It should respect the rules of registration under penalty of heavy fine.

The declaration of foreign exchange is required at customs.
It is recommended to scrupulously respect the Uzbek customs legislation, both on arrival in Uzbekistan at the outlet, and make a declaration to the customs of foreign currency in full. Important reminder: if otherwise travelers will be confiscated are not reported.
The declaration is accomplished by filling two customs declaration forms (T6), one of which will be issued to the passenger and that it must be treasured until his exit. On leaving the territory of Uzbekistan, the traveler must complete a new declaration (T6) indicating the currency in his possession and present that obtained at the entrance to Uzbekistan. If the amount in the output is less than the amount declared at the entrance, no proof is required. Otherwise (if the sum of the output is higher than that declared at the entrance), proof must be provided (withdrawal of cash tickets by credit card etc …). The outflow of foreign exchange is justified by the presentation of documents received at the entrance.