Anyone who wants to understand the source of world civilization must visit Uzbekistan. One look at this wonderful country and you will become forever his spiritual prisoner. Uzbekistan has enormous tourism potential, rich cultural and historical heritage. The country is not only a major tourist center in Central Asia, but also in the world.

Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Kokand and Termez are the most attractive cities in the tourism point of view. Crossed by the Silk Road, which connected China to Europe, they now retain a large number of architectural monuments, dating from different periods. All these historic cities were scientific and cultural centers. The great architects erected palaces, mosques and mausoleums. Ancient monuments, world famous retain traces of the invasions of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Most of these monuments no longer exists, but those who have retained their original shape allow us to rediscover the past so distant. The Silk Road, a major milestone in the history of world civilization, passed through these cities. Much effort has been made to ensure the comfort of tourists in these sites. Thus, a large number of hotels and guest houses have appeared, and service of restaurants and cafes is consistent with international standards. Various modern transport serving tourists.