Views and assessments pushed forward by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov during the visit to Namangan and Ferghana regions on 29-30 September 2015

  1. Our nation has been going along its own development path with confidence. Cities and villages have been made comfortable places to live, while households enjoy prosperous life. All this is a result of a peaceful and steady life in our country.
  2. In building a prosperous socioeconomic life, we did not allow for haste, we gradually implemented the thoroughly and carefully thought-out strategy built on the renowned five principles recognized worldwide as the Uzbek Model of Development. Its outcomes can be seen in the colossal successes and performance indicators being achieved by our country.
  3. A noble purpose is embodied at the heart of ongoing reforms in all spheres, namely, to care about the future of our people, especially our children, to provide for an environment conducive for them to grow up as individuals inferior to no one in anything. Right from the initial years of independence, the issue of fostering a comprehensively advanced generation was identified as one of the priority tracks of national strategy. Today, in all walks of our life one ​​can observe the outcomes of our gracious principle “Our children ought to be better, smarter, wiser and certainly happier than us”.
  4. Today we have been furthering the ends that we could only dream of in the past. The outcomes of the implementation of the noble principle “Reforms are not for the sake of reforms, but for the sake of human interests” can be seen in the lives of our compatriots. It inspires all of us, boosts our confidence in our own abilities and makes us happy.
  5. It is essential to further promote the advancement of the farmers’ movement, not confine ourselves to the cultivation of crudes, but also work out and organize their reprocessing, and for the government to stimulate and provide support for multi-purpose farming enterprises.

It is impossible to achieve high development and wellbeing only with the cultivation of grains and cotton. It is imperative to be in constant search and seek new frontiers. We need to increase the number of modern manufacturing enterprises in rural areas and continue with the structural transformation of economy sectors with persistence.

  1. In the days bygone, the farmer used to think exclusively about how to collect and deliver the cotton grown to the factory and fulfill the plan at whatever the cost. No one would enquire into the qualification grade of the cotton gathered, nor its quality, let alone the cotton-grower’s incomes. Today, it is primarily the farmers themselves who is gravely interested in the cultivation of cotton of higher quality, in its timely collection and delivery in high grades. The more high-quality cotton is produced, the higher the revenues.
  2. The President stressed the need to maintain constant search, launch new types of goods in order to secure robust positions in the global market, manufacture products based on the evaluation of the overall situation in markets, place special emphasis on matters of design, and crucially, create our own brand in the world market.
  3. Currently, a need has been rising among our people, especially youngsters, to dress by modern trends. Satisfaction of this growing demand in cutting-edge, high-quality goods of local production is an important mission This will require a further increase in the number of modern enterprises and a comprehensive support for new, talented entrepreneurs with good knowledge of current trends and market tendencies.
  4. Today, many admire the enormous successes achieved in our country in the field of modern urban planning. When erecting majestic buildings, residential houses, social infrastructure, recreation and education facilities special attention is paid to the harmonious combination of the traditions of national architecture art and the modern one. Greening the areas on the basis of landscape design grants cities a uniqueness and exceptional beauty.

In order to create and live in a comfortable environment one should have, first and foremost, a munificent soul. If one has set it as the goal, and if he/she perseveres, that goal will be reached for sure. Launched several years ago, the housing construction based on model projects has now turned into an entire industry. In these homes people live in comfort and abundance. Crucially, world outlooks of their inhabitants have been changing, since our principal objective is to make sure that our people live happily in conditions not inferior to anyone’s.

  1. All this is the result of the peace and harmony prevailing in our country. Especially overwhelming the hearts of our people is the sense of pride and admiration for the commitment and confident gait of our youths striving towards their noble goals, as well as their great achievements in all fields.

We all can be proud with such tremendous triumphs being attained thanks to the selfless endeavors of our people.

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