World Gymnastics Stars in Uzbekistan


Artistic gymnastics World Cup phase and the international tournament Happy Caravan – 2015 have started in Tashkent. The National Children’s and Youth’s Specialized Sports School of Olympic Reserve for Artistic Gymnastics played host to the official opening ceremony of the competitions.

The strongest gymnasts of Uzbekistan, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, Finland, Israel and other countries gathered here to take part in the tournaments organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the National Olympic Committee, the Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan under the auspices of the International Gymnastics Federation.

President of Uzbekistan’s Gymnastics Federation L.Karimova-Tillaeva announced the international contests open.

It was noted in particular that the immense significance attached in our country to the promotion of sports has been yielding its remarkable outcomes. Consistent efforts are undertaken in this process to further popularize women’s sports types, artistic gymnastics in particular, to training highly qualified coaches and to providing comprehensive support for them.

Owing to the concern demonstrated under the leadership of President Islam Karimov for fostering a healthy and comprehensively advanced generation as well as for upholding physical culture and sports in our country, a new generation of talented athletes who multiply the glory of Uzbekistan at the international arena is being nurtured.

Going in for gymnastics strengthens the willpower, reinforces the aspiration for the goal set out along with the formation of physical beauty. The Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan has been spearheading constant works designed to popularize all its types: artistic and sports gymnastics, trampoline and acrobatics. Regional and national competitions that help to discover gifted athletes are organized regularly with support from the state.

Gymnastics centers meeting international requirements are set up in all the provinces of Uzbekistan, hosting thousands of boys and girls fond of this sport. The most promising and talented sportspeople are called in to fill the national teams. Persistent endeavors have been undertaken to outfit with cutting edge gymnastics equipment and hardware not only sports complexes and specialized sports schools, but also the gyms of general schools.

In 2011, the National Children’s and Youth’s Specialized Sports School of Olympic Reserve for Artistic Gymnastics was set up that has become the center for training the members of Uzbekistan teams for various competitions and for the organization of major tournaments.


Tremendous emphasis is placed on raising the qualification of coaches. New methodologies in training athletes are introduced, while state-of-the-art sports equipment is received for armament, and all this has been facilitating the further popularization of sports as an important factor in boosting the human health. To this end, Uzbekistan’s Gymnastics Federation has been taking active part in international events held by the International Gymnastics Federation and the Asian Gymnastics Union. In order to popularize the advanced expertise, seminars for coaches and referees with the participation of foreign and local specialists are arranged regularly in the capital city and regions of the nation.

“The efforts undertaken in Uzbekistan to promote children’s sports, especially those directed at the extensive engagement of girls in sports, is worth noting,” says the coach Oka Kurumi from Japan. “In modern sports complexes built in all towns and districts, girls are going in for several sports, owing to which they grow healthy and enter the world of big sports. Artistic gymnastics has been advancing speedily in your country. It is suggestive in the successes of gymnasts from Uzbekistan in international competitions as well as the prestigious tournaments regularly organized in this country.”

Such high-status contests in artistic gymnastics are held in Uzbekistan not for the first time. Tashkent hosted World Cup stage competitions, Gymnastics Asian Championships in 2010 and 2013, Asian Sports Gymnastics Championship in April 2014, all epitomizing the attention paid in our country to the development of sports, including gymnastics.

In accordance with the program elaborated in line with the resolution of head of our state “On the Preparation of Athletes of Uzbekistan to the 31st Summer Olympics and the 15th Paralympics of 2016 in the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”, signed 25 February 2013, gymnastics is defined as one of the priority sports in our country. Our athletes taking part in competitions across gymnastics types included in the Olympic program – i.e., artistic, sports, trampoline – have been working tirelessly to further improve their indicators, to win Olympic licenses and are aiming to join the ranks of victors and prize winners of Brazil Olympics.

In the current sports season, artistic gymnasts of Uzbekistan have been demonstrating high results in prominent contests. At the international tournament Aphrodite Cup – 2015 in Greece, our gymnasts won three gold and three silver medals as well as a bronze one.

At the World Cup stage in sports gymnastics that took place in Bulgaria’s Varna, our compatriot Oksana Chusovitina earned the gold medal. The national team of Uzbekistan won the bronze medal in team competitions at the Grand Prix artistic gymnastics tournament in France.

Around a hundred strongest gymnasts of the world are displaying their mastery at the artistic gymnastics World Cup stage and the Happy Caravan international tournament that started in Tashkent.

“The competition is arranged at the very high organizational level,” says the gymnast Litizia Cikkonelli from Italy. “We got convinced in the fact that wide-ranging efforts are undertaken in Uzbekistan to develop artistic gymnastics. Your athletes are very talented and they have prepared well for this tournament. This stage of World Cup is rather important. I also intend to display my skills and triumph. I am sure that these competitions will become as unforgettable event in the life of every participant.”

In single contests of the international tournament, the honor of our Motherland is upheld by Anora Davlatova, Nilufar Shomuradova, Jasmin Yusupova, Elizaveta Nazarenkova, Anastasia Serdyukova and Ravilia Farkhutdinova. In group competitions, our lineup is composed of Luiza Ganieva, Marta Rostoburova, Zarina Kurbanova, Valeria Davidova and Samira Amirova.

The official opening ceremony of the competitions ended with a gala concert.

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